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SD-1.5kg / SD-1.5kg pro קולה קפה אוטומטי

SD-1.5kg / SD-1.5kg pro קולה קפה אוטומטי

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Main Features

- The semi hot blast and half direct fire type coffee roaster is equipped with a cast iron drum. The double-layer insulation shell is designed to maintain stable heat radiation and rich hot air, allowing the coffee beans to puff and roast evenly.
High thermal efficiency enables dark roasting in less than 10 minutes, preserving the inherent flavor and aroma of the coffee beans.
An automatic roasting system adjusts exhaust volume, temperature, and compensation temperature to create a unique aroma for your coffee beans. The entire machine can be controlled by a touch screen to replicate coffee roasting. consistently.
Equipped with Yoshan's self-developed high-speed, high-temperature resistant cooling tray fan, the coffee beans can be cooled in about 2 minutes.                                               An automatic control system roasts coffee beans according to preset roasting curves, ensuring consistent flavor and precise results.
The database can store over 10,000 roasting curves making it easy to operate, copy, and store manual roasting curves for one-button automatic roasting. - The SD Pro coffee roaster automatically detects the temperature of the coffee green beans upon pouring them in, ensuring a perfect start to the roasting process. It controls the turning point precisely for consistent roasting temperature in each batch. - Automatic heat replenishment prevents external weather changes from affecting
the coffee roasting process and reduces errors caused by human factors. The temperature difference throughout the roasting curve is controlled within plus or minus 0.1-0.5 degrees.
-Digital ultra-high precision control of fire (100:-1 freely adjustable gas) ensures stable wind pressure, and gas pressure for each batch of beans (caramel pink plus or minus 0.5-1 degrees).
This precision surpasses market coffee roasters, allowing the roaster to have more control.


The Highest Quality Materials and Parts

  • Double-walled drum for better heating control giving more even roasting.
  • Four powerful independent, famous Japanese brand ADDKA, motors allowing simultaneous

roasting and cooling, and offering an accurate speed control system.

  • Sweden SKF brand universal joint bearing, keep the roller spacing within 0.5mm, the heating effect is in line with international brands.
  • The world famous German dual thermocouple detector can accurately detect the temperature of coffee beans and hot air.

Echo-friendly Solutions

  • Japanese manufactured burner to make sure 360 degree even roast. Super energy saving,

costing only US$0.27 per hour gas consumption (data collected from Caroline, USA,2019).

2)Roast sustainable and reduce emission with our electric type roasters.

3)30mm cancer free insulation material, Ceramic fiber for heat resistance with minimal heat loss

Carefree Roasting

  • The data logger module is pre-installed, allowing most types of software to be compatible. For example, Yoshan software and Artisan software, which are groundbreaking coffee roasting data logging software, have a large number of features and support a wide range of devices. All data related to coffee roasting is saved, allowing it to be accessed, analyzed and used at any time for the next roast.

2) It can record over 100,000 roasting profiles, including different coffee beans and different roasting levels.

3) When you need to roast coffee beans, just select your preferred profile and the machine will automatically preheat the machine and automatically prepare enough gas to roast the coffee beans.

4) You can drink coffee while it is roasting. (Because it is fully automatic, you can enjoy roasting and tasting coffee.)

       Personal Attention

  • By purchasing a great coffee roaster, you are guaranteed the best support and service from start to finish. 24/7 online after sales service, 1 year limited warranty.
  • Freely switch between manual roasting and fully automatic roasting modes.

Free to switch between various languages, such as English

Created to meet the demands of a modern high end coffee roasting environment, the YOSHAN SD 1.5kg/YS 1.5kg pro coffee roaster is designed to bring repeatable, high-precision results with ease. Featuring a double-layered cast iron drum and an intuitive PLC touch screen control panel, the pro version also boasts fully automated specialty coffee roasting for top-tier results.
חדש!! מכשיר קליה שמיועד ל 500-1500 גרם, סטנדרטי ועם אוטומטיזציה מלאה!!
PLC - touch screen control panel
Double layered drum 
Cast iron - iron carbon alloy

Model YS-1.5kg YS-1.5kg Pro
Yoshan Selling Price/set US$ 4,999.00 US$ 7,200.00
Batch Capacity 500G-1500G/batch
Roasting Output 6~7kg/hour
Heating Source LPG gas(propane)/ Natural Gas
Heating Method Semi hot air and semi direct fire
Control Panel PLC touch screen control panel
Operation Semi automatic Fully automatic
Current 3 Amps
Electricity Consumption 0.6kw/hour
Gas Consumption 0.15kg/hour(gas type)
Voltage AC 220~240V 50Hz
Max BTU 25000BTU/hour
Roasting Time 6~12 minutes/drum (after preheat at 180℃)
Temperature Range 0-300℃ adjustable
Drum Material Double-layers cast iron drum
Cooling Time 1-2 minutes
Drum Motor will be updated
Cooling Tray Fan Motor will be updated
Hot Air Fan Motor will be updated
Cooling Stirring Motor will be updated
Total Power 600W
Machine Weight
(including chaff cyclone)
Machine Dimension(W*D*H) 1350*800*1150mm
Packaging Size will be updated
Gross Weight approx.170KG
Body Color Red/ Black/ White/ Blue/ Green/ Customize
Drum Housing Color Stainless steel/ Gold/ Rose gold/ Copper/ Customize
Package Wooden case&film plastic
Accessories Maintenance Tool Box*1, Allen Wrench Set*1, Cleaning Brusher*1, Data Logger USB Cable*1, Gas Pipe Snap Rings*4pcs, Aluminum Foil Exhaust Pipes*1, Pipe Clamps*2, Circuit Fuses*2, Gas Burner Nozzle(gas type)*1, Pressure Gauge*1, copper pipe ferrule set*1, User Manual*1
Software Yoshan roasting system
Certificate CE/RoHS/ISO9001
Warranty 2 years limited (can be extended to 3 years with upcost)
After-sale Service 24/7 online after-sale service support and free spare parts for replacement on our cost
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