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Oroast Coffee Products אורוסט ציוד קפה



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משלוח חינם
המחיר כולל מע"מ ועלויות שחרור ממכס



ZD-18, an advanced evolution of our ZD-18S grinder, specifically engineered for the high demands of busy cafes. This enhanced grinder offers a faster and more precise grind, adapting seamlessly to the rigorous demands of a professional coffee environment.

  • Upgraded 75mm Stainless Steel Flat Burr: The ZD-18 boasts a larger 75mm flat burr, enhancing its capability to provide rapid and uniform grinding. This upgrade ensures the perfect coffee consistency for every cup, tailored to the needs of a bustling cafe environment.
  • Increased Grinding Speed: With an impressive grinding speed of 4g/s, the ZD-18 reduces waiting times, optimizing workflow and efficiency in a commercial setting.
  • Integrated Cooling Fan: A built-in cooling fan maintains the grinder's optimal temperature, preserving the integrity of the coffee beans during extended periods of use. This feature is essential for maintaining consistent grind quality during peak hours in a cafe.
  • Expanded Hopper Capacity: The ZD-18 features a significantly larger hopper, capable of holding up to 1200g of coffee beans. This larger capacity ensures uninterrupted operation during high-demand periods, making it perfect for busy coffee shops.
  • Versatile Pre-Programmed Settings: Retaining its user-friendly interface, the ZD-18 offers pre-programmed settings for 1-cup, 2-cup, or manual timing options, catering to diverse brewing requirements.
  • Quick-Start Functionality: The intuitive design allows for easy start and stop of grinding by resting the portafilter against the holder. Achieve the desired dosage quickly and efficiently, a must-have feature for fast-paced cafe environments.
  • Intuitive Tact Grinding Switch: Simplified grind size selection ensures a streamlined and user-friendly experience for baristas of all skill levels.
  • Mess-Free Convenience: The ZD-18 continues to offer a mess-free grinding experience, with an adjustable grind outlet and portafilter holder, complemented by an anti-static funnel for a lump-free grind. 

Appearance: Stainless steel body

Features: 1 Cup / 2 Cup Grinding Time Setting
Tact Grinding Switch
Touch Control Panel
Adjustable Grind Outlet and Portafilter Fork
1400 RPM grinding speed
Cooling Fan

Grinding: Grinding range: Espresso
Stepless Grind Adjustment
64mm Flat Burr
Operation: Automatic
Direct to handle
Handle Holder: Available
Hopper Capacity (g): 1200
Voltage (V): 220-240V~ / 50-60Hz
Power (W): 550-650
Dimension (D*W*H in mm): 390*177*550
Net Weight (in kg): 15.5

 We have recently been alerted to the presence of our products being sold on unauthorized online platforms. While these platforms might offer seemingly attractive deals, we must caution you that products sold through these channels may not be genuine WPM products and could potentially be counterfeit or of inferior quality. For the assurance of authenticity, we strongly urge you to make your purchases exclusively through our network of authorised distributors.

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