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Yoshan Gas DY-5/6 KG Coffee Roaster

Yoshan Gas DY-5/6 KG Coffee Roaster

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Model: DY-5/6KG
Batch Capacity: 1000G-7000G/batch
Roasting Time: 12-15 minutes/ drum
Heating Type: LPG gas, N-Gas/Electric
Temperature Range: 0-300℃
Drum: Heat-resistant double layer 304 food grade stainless steel
Cooling Time: 1-2 minutes
Gas Consumption: 0.8kg/hour
Drum Motor: 200W
Cooling Tray Fan Motor: 370W
Hot Air Fan Motor: 180W
Cooling Mixing Motor: 200W
Heating Power: 12000W
Machine Weight: 300KG
Chaff Cyclone Weight: 50KG
Machine Demension: 1520*960*1650mm
Color: Red/Black/White
Body color: Stainless steel/Gold/Rose gold
Package: Wooden case
Certificate: CE/RoHS/ISO9001
Warranty: 1 year

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